Vintage Cavalli

Next week will be a nightmare. This weekend, pre-nightmare, is solely meant for me to prepare. Do you remember when I had three French orals to present? They're back. So far it's just one, but I think alotting six days to write an oral presentation, memorize it and be able to say it in French is a little unreasonable. Of course I love writing, so that's a plus. I present Wednesday. Wednesday is also the day I have a science exam on populations and communities. That's just a little overwhelming, don't you think?  February tenth is science fair, and hopefully I'm chosen among the lucky ones who get to miss all four periods to stay in the library all day.
This weekend's shoe is the leather pump with intricate brocade print by Roberto Cavalli in 1984. Given the year, this is not a shoe I would choose for myself. In fact, my grandmother would probably love to own a pair of those. Who knows? Maybe she did.



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