I will not even begin to explain how busy I was yesterday, hence the reason I didn't write anything. Yesterday's shoe was the red patent leather "Lift-Off" zip boot with modified wedge by John Fluevog in 2000. Today's shoe is the "Colorado" sabbia bobcat and leather peep-toe slingback by Stuart Weitzman in 2009.
Two nights ago, somehow, I accidentally knocked my dad in the forehead with my phone. I totally collapsed from the paroxysms of laughter that were coming out of me.
Tomorrow is the beginning of a long weekend. It's also April Fool's Day. Who will you prank?




Heart tee
$20 - delias.com

Balmain ankle length pants
$1,466 - theoutnet.com

$995 - gregorysshoes.com

Nautical bag

Roberto Cavalli stamped jewelry
$1,015 - net-a-porter.com

Cara Accessories bracelet
$36 - nordstrom.com

Miss Selfridge skull jewelry

Sunglasses vintage retro sunglass
9.50 GBP - urbanexcess.com



Today's shoe is the "Issa" platform stiletto with pleated lizard and napa leather "skirt" by Chrissie Morris in 2009.
Unexpected for a Tuesday, my day passed fast and went pretty well. I wasn't chosen to present my tree, my science teacher wasn't in, I'm passing history with flying colours, I didn't miss the bus and I have no homework. Remember what I said yesterday about over half of my grade failing? I also found out that this year's final exams will be dumbed down to the point where a student two years younger will be able to comprehend them.
Soon it'll be time to go shoe shopping. I adore the heap of heel-worthy occasions I have this year! Right now I'm undecided between two pairs from Aldo.

This is the first one. I love the contrast of colours, the peep-toe and the two openings around the ankle.

But then again, the majority of my heels are toe-revealing. How will I ever choose just one? Decisions, decisions. I seem to be in the middle of a sassy dilemma.
I don't buy bags very often, but this carryall is sending out some serious back-to-school vibes. I'm powerless when it comes to shoulder totes in bright colours, particularly when it was created by Michael Kors. But this one specifically seems as if I should own it. It is the MICHAEL Michael Kors Marina Large Shoulder Tote in Sun. When I saw this bag, I inevitably thought of how great it would look when paired with all my summer outfits. I thought of how chic the impression given off would be when I'm on vacation this summer. If only.
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Fall/Winter 2011-12

The shoe of this pathetic Monday is the patchwork flannel lace-up "work" boot by Calvin Klein in the early 1990s. 
Today all the students of secondary 4 were obligated to attend the career initiative. I never realized how much attention trade school gets. It's probably because my grade has over a 50% failure rate and the guidance counselors finally saw how small the graduating class of 2012 will be.
My choices were aesthetics, travel and hotel reception, and radio broadcasting. Too bad there was nothing on journalism or fashion editing. During the seminar on careers in radio, Kelly Alexander from Virgin Radio told us all about her journey of getting to where she is now. It was the most interesting part of my day.
I haven't been to TrendTracker in a while, so everything was anew when I visited again last night.
1. Forties femme fatale does studio 54
A proper yet exaggerated 1940's silhouette is defined by a black hourglass lapel-less coat with 80s shoulders and knee-length bell skirt (coming from a tight waist). This look also includes a mink shrug and a white shirt collar. There were glittering sock sandal booties in astonishing golds and great plastic red sunglasses. Seen at Miu Miu F/W 2011-12.
2. 1940's androgynous chauffeur
"A Night Porter peaked cap tops a sculpted wool sweatshirt, finished with a latex bib to broach a luxury alternative to servitude uniform." Paired with a below-knee length fur-covered skirt, lace-up boots and a revised 1958 Lockit bag. Masculine meets feminine. The woman automatically wins due to the presence of style. Marc Jacobs was responsible for this subtle sensuality. Seen at Louis Vuitton F/W 2011-12. 
3. Ice queen zip skirt suit
A portrayal of calm romance. An all-white suit is outlined in fur and hits high at the neck. The jacket is cinched at the waist. Both it and the matching pencil skirt are decorated with strikes of silver zipper. Victoriana lace-up platform ankle boots increase the level of cool. This look is most definitely meant for a queen. Seen at Alexander McQueen F/W 2011-12. 
4. Masculine Chanel jacket
There has been a lot of androgyny this season, and Karl Lagerfeld has also tapped into this growing trend. The House of Chanel's most symbolic garment has been transformed into a classic dogtooth boucle jacket in an eye-catching rich emerald hue, trimmed with gray wool and darts of a silver (again!) chain. It is cropped to just below the bust and and then layered over a black men's blazer. A delicate masculine/feminine contrast is captured by silver jewelry, fingerless lace gloves and over-sized pants spilling out of saggy socks paired with somber flats. Seen at Chanel F/W 2011-12.




T by Alexander Wang asymmetric top
$130 - net-a-porter.com

Charcoal pants
$100 - topshop.com

Jimmy choo shoes
$1,695 - net-a-porter.com

Chanel bag
103,000 JPY - item.rakuten.co.jp

Chanel vintage style necklace
$850 - amrag.com

Antik Batik silver and gold jewelry
$115 - net-a-porter.com

H M earring

Hair bow accessory
$13 - modcloth.com

1995 is calling

Cut out dress
50 GBP - bankfashion.co.uk

Christian louboutin sandal
$1,195 - footcandyshoes.com

Alexander wang handbag
$795 - lagarconne.com

Rose diamond cocktail ring
$729 - westonjewelry.com

TopShop beaded ring
$20 - topshop.com

ASOS stud earring
10 GBP - asos.com


My overactive imagination

On this weekend's calendar we have the leather ankle boots with wool needlepoint insets (made to shape out roses) by Renate Volleberg in 2006.
Yesterday was supposed to be a day spent watching movies on the sofa. I had breakfast watching Miranda Priestly put down Andy's cerulean sweater. Most of the afternoon followed suit as well.
But then my eye caught a history notebook sticking out from under my desk and a frantic thought bubble exploded in my head: The exam is on Thursday. And I have to finish my science lab and start a memory aid for math. I won't have time tomorrow.
I have a major weakness for vintage settings. I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe because of the major contrast it has with the typical music videos we see today. I went crazy for Chicago for the same reason. At the moment, I'm hinting towards Beyoncé's "Why Don't You Love Me" video.
I automatically loved it because of the obvious 50's inspiration. Beyoncé prances around a typical family home trying to complete normal housewife tasks while looking fabulous in outfits clearly not meant to be worn while cleaning or cooking or fixing. Then the scene switches to her in the bedroom wearing classy lingerie drinking her sorrows away and yelling on the phone to her un-loving lover. The thick mascara and eyeliner combination quickly turned into black tears as she begins to weep her way into a total breakdown of "WHY? WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME?"

In my head, there's already a second part to the video. We see this absent un-loving lover in the flesh, and he sings all about why he doesn't love her. But it's a duet, and they argue their points in a courtroom in front of a really mean-looking stern judge who decides to take Beyoncé's side. At the end of the video the judge turns out to be her ex-lover whom she was still secretly in love with and he whisks her off to a new house with their kids (who decided to pop up out of nowhere) and live happily ever after. Their new house has maids and butlers who dress in Chanel suits and know how to fix cars and cook without setting anything on fire. Then the  un-loving lover gets sent off and meets Lady Gaga in the Prison for Bitches and another music video is made where Lady Gaga decides to poison his lunch for being mean to Honey B.



Valentino runway bag

The shoe of the day is the suede platform "Shih" wedge with mesh cascade bow from the Zia Ziprin Collection in 2008.
My year is full of parties. Life would be a lot easier if my closet was filled to it's capacity with some Michael Kors dresses. All of them are equally alluring and pretty. Putting on a simple yet elegant summery dress is the key to having to put in the minimal amount of effort. I have two most cherished pieces: the solid sheath dress in light pink and the draped snake-print as well. I completely adore the two different shapes. The solid sheath has a round neckline which means no layers are needed. No layers = comfort. On the other hand, we have the fabulous python number with different features. Strapless is usually a great look. A seamed waist adds curvature when needed. But the tulip hem is totally to die for.

I have never seen such a beautiful bag in my lifetime. This Valentino creation brought a whole new definition to  edgy and modern appeal. My heart stopped beating properly. There are no words so explain the revelation I'm looking at. All thoughts are jammed. WOW.


You've been gone for so long

I started writing this post 3 (now 4) hours ago. An immense wave of laziness has swept over me. Just in time, because there's no school tomorrow. It's a surprise snow day that I know it killed the school board to give us. We only got it because it was promised at the beginning of the school year. 
I'm thinking of going to see Beastly this weekend; it looks amazing. Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorite Disney movies as a little girl, so the modern version should also be to my liking. Did anyone watch it?
My mom was at the bank before and she specifically called while she was there to tell me the bank teller had gorgeous Chanel earrings, which were a gift from her grandmother from Lebanon. I'm jealous; mine are imitations. (Just the studs, not the pendant, I promise!)
Today's shoe is the black velvet "Valentin" sandal with organza-lined straps by Sophie Gittins in 2009.


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