Academically chic

Isn't is amazing how no one came to wake me up at 6am? My sleep was not entirely uninterrupted because my brother barged into my room at 9:30 to tell me Wizards of Waverly Place was on. But he quickly realized I wasn't going to come out of my coma for at least another hour, so he let me be.
Numerous people in the world love getting dressed in the morning, even if there's no where to go. Hence the expression "All dressed up with nowhere to go." My laptop isn't resting on a ball gown, but I'm not in pajamas either. Black skinny jeans and a beige Miss Sixty cardigan are quick and easy and effortless. Very ideal for pondering literature like I am required to do this weekend.
The shoes of the weekend are the Victorian boots with silver button hooks and shoehorn from Belgium, between the years 1878 and 1885. 



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