Brand new

I spent most of yesterday and all of last night revamping this page. Personally, it was very, very worth it. The lost hours of sleep with catch up to me for sure, but this time I don't care because it was all for a great cause. My new URL is xoxonina.com, but it'll take at least three days for everything to be set up completely. In the meantime ninamorenaxo.blogspot.com will still work and whenever it is typed in, you'll be redirected to the new domain.
"Nina Morena's Blog" has no pizazz, no excitement, no originality. I needed something new and slightly different. The new name is XOXO, Nina. My new blog header was an adventure to make, but luckily it all turned out perfect, thanks to fashiongonerogue.com and shoelust.us. Information on the header is in the disclaimer.
What do you think of the change? Feedback is welcome!



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