Change of seasons

The shoe of the day is the traditional slipper cast in brass from Korea, between the years 1900 and 1940.
Last night I think I gained 200 posts on Tumblr. I was so tired after that. Yesterday was full of blogging and exercising. 314 burned calories and many posts later, I was dead to the world for 9 hours. It was the good kind of tired, which came from hard work, not being lazy. That's a first, especially for me.
Spring comes with an assortment of good feelings, like I've mentioned many times before. Nothing beats the feeling of walking out the door in a thin tee and denim shorts and not cringing with cold. It's a lot better than bundling up in the warmest, thickest coats and strongest fur boots and still feeling the cold penetrate your bones. The Michael Kors Spring clothes are perfect for walking down the street and feeling a million times better than before. For two reasons: 
1. You'll be wearing Michael Kors apparel, so a good mood is imminent.
2. You won't be cold.
If you live below the equator, then I don't expect you to understand why it's so great not to feel cold. But a good chunk of the population, especially those who live through Canadian winters know the feeling I'm describing. It's an ecstatic mix of happiness and elation.



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