No one likes going to apply for their passports. No one. Nor do they like getting up so early, especially when we are dangerously close to the end of spring break [terrified gasp from audience]. That didn't stop my dad from stomping into my room this morning at the ungodly hour of 9am. 
Driving somewhere unfamiliar and far away usually requires a GPS of some sort. My parents do have one, but it sent us on a merry-go-round all over Montreal and had a scary woman robot voice that couldn't pronounce the French street names properly.
When we sat down on uncomfortable rubbery green chairs, the red lights on the board read E841. It didn't seem  very bad at first, but at that time it was noon and I was getting moody from lack of food and WiFi connection. My mom thought our wait wouldn't be so bad because our number was E853. 
The wait was bad.
Annoyed mother: "Why do they keep calling F? Why can't someone call E?"
Weary father: "Because, Mir, no one wants to deal with a family of four."
Annoyed mother: "How do they know we're a family of four?"
Weary father: "Some kind of satellite from space."
My brother and I sit in between them for approximately 80 long, grueling minutes. A few papers were signed, and we were on our way to Wendy's.
Today's amazing but really painful-looking shoe is the hot pink leopard pony-skin "Jazz" stiletto with snake-skin straps by Jimmy Choo in 2009.
Also, this is not the time to shy away from bright or patterned prints. This is when we can stop wearing boring, dark neutrals and start colour blocking.



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