An excuse to wear green

Happy St. Patrick's Day! The shoe for today is mostly green, so that too must have been done on purpose. It is the embroidered velvet court shoe with braid trim from Europe, circa 1880s.
In math this morning, my head was going to explode due to the severely monotonous spiel of my teacher. My class is so sad. The teacher usually feels like she's talking to the walls, because no one speaks when she asks questions.
I was really interested in the denim-and-lace-themed apparel at Red Valentino. Just like the news email said, it's a very unusual combination. Unusual but great.

I'm in love with this bag. It's adorable. Great colour! Buttery leather makes it so much more irresistible, so do the adjustable shoulder straps. 

I need a new pair of heels soon. Nothing too gaudy, a simple pump with a platform. But I want an exciting colour; maybe in an electric blue or cherry red.



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