Polyvore has been changing lately and as a result yesterday's creation never made it here. It was called "Aloha." Later I'll see if I can somehow retrieve it. 
I was so exhausted today. I laughed at everything. My highlighters were flying across the class every five minutes because of Jade. I failed to catch all of them. I was in a hurry while taking notes so one of my m's had an extra bump. Olivia is either Spiderman or has become a baseball player overnight because her reflexes sent me reeling off the edge of hysteria. The bottle of liquid paper was launched (our desks are far apart) and her arm flew into the air and caught it flawlessly. 
Today's shoe is the intricately cast silver bridal slipper from India, circa 1800.
I'm currently on Facebook, chatting, trying to do math homework on isometric triangles. Lucky me. I also have to learn my French oral (which was supposed to be improvisation) and study for science. This has been a sufficiently ugly Tuesday.



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