Hey soul sister!

This weekend's shoe is the perforated leather oxford inspired by 18th-century snuff boxes by Beth Levine, circa 1970.
It's hard to tell if last night was a success or a fail. I think the outfit worked, but most of the time whatever I say to my family is lost in translation. To them, I'm already famous and everything I say is a revelation. On the outside, I was known as the skinny girl with the pretty clothes and cute hair who ate celery and carrots all night. Internally, my teeth were hurting me and I was waiting for chocolate cake to appear. When I got home I watched Cruel Intentions 2. I saw the first part over a year ago. In a haze behind all the incessant yammering, I began to wonder if I'd be able to pull off this face to freak everyone out, but then decided against it.



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