I have no school today! For some reason we had this miraculous break in the week that couldn't have come at a better time. There's a certain amount of laziness supplied with a day off. Instead of going on and on about how I have homework and how I am not in the mood to complete it, I'll show you what my day will be composed of.
Today's shoe is the fuchsia silk "Pomposo" peep-toe stiletto pump with large rosette by Stuart Weitzman in 2008. 
All that blabbering about reading Jackie Collins wasn't a lie - I own only two of her novels but they are both equally captivating and endearing.
Sadly, math homework is a part of my day, but that's not all! Science and history exams, English speeches and projects are only the beginning. At least the workbook is purple. 
I never go anywhere without the help of Dior Minaudière and Born Lippy lip balm from The Body Shop. Currently in watermelon.
Last but not least, a party invite to Marianna's sweet sixteen. There's a slight complication with the date, but I sincerely hope nothing gets in the way of that night.
I neglected to mention a new pair of shoes that now live in my closet. My lovely aunt passed these on to me after wearing them just once.
Courtesy of Aldo.

You know a shoe is good when it's made in Italy. I remember seeing an ad in Harper's Bazaar a few years ago saying "If you speak accessories, you speak Italian." So true.



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