"Minted" is the name of Olivia's Revlon Nail Enamel. It's relatively (if someone in my science class reads this, then yes, that's where I got the word) pretty. It has become a part of my vocabulary. Every time I see it, which is often, I can't help exclaiming "You're still minted!"
The shoe of the day is the suede "Dragon" colour-block pump with gold leather trim by Jerome C. Rousseau in 2008.
I told my speech to the class today. It actually wasn't too terrible, given I had a podium to transfer all the stress to. "I hope she [the teacher] picks you", "I just got the shivers" and "Your ending was really good" were the initial reactions. At least I managed to get my point across! No math homework is a good omen. It gives me more time to review history (tomorrow, next week) and science (Wednesday). And of course more time to spend here, which is extremely glorious. 
I never regarded this new "white-on-white" trend that seems to be emerging. Has the LBD transformed to the LWD? Only time will tell for sure. BCBG's new looks make it seem like a good thing. Change is good, is it not? Just remember to stay away from the lasagna while wearing them. (Maybe that doesn't apply to you, but I'm a major klutz.)


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