My overactive imagination

On this weekend's calendar we have the leather ankle boots with wool needlepoint insets (made to shape out roses) by Renate Volleberg in 2006.
Yesterday was supposed to be a day spent watching movies on the sofa. I had breakfast watching Miranda Priestly put down Andy's cerulean sweater. Most of the afternoon followed suit as well.
But then my eye caught a history notebook sticking out from under my desk and a frantic thought bubble exploded in my head: The exam is on Thursday. And I have to finish my science lab and start a memory aid for math. I won't have time tomorrow.
I have a major weakness for vintage settings. I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe because of the major contrast it has with the typical music videos we see today. I went crazy for Chicago for the same reason. At the moment, I'm hinting towards Beyoncé's "Why Don't You Love Me" video.
I automatically loved it because of the obvious 50's inspiration. Beyoncé prances around a typical family home trying to complete normal housewife tasks while looking fabulous in outfits clearly not meant to be worn while cleaning or cooking or fixing. Then the scene switches to her in the bedroom wearing classy lingerie drinking her sorrows away and yelling on the phone to her un-loving lover. The thick mascara and eyeliner combination quickly turned into black tears as she begins to weep her way into a total breakdown of "WHY? WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME?"

In my head, there's already a second part to the video. We see this absent un-loving lover in the flesh, and he sings all about why he doesn't love her. But it's a duet, and they argue their points in a courtroom in front of a really mean-looking stern judge who decides to take Beyoncé's side. At the end of the video the judge turns out to be her ex-lover whom she was still secretly in love with and he whisks her off to a new house with their kids (who decided to pop up out of nowhere) and live happily ever after. Their new house has maids and butlers who dress in Chanel suits and know how to fix cars and cook without setting anything on fire. Then the  un-loving lover gets sent off and meets Lady Gaga in the Prison for Bitches and another music video is made where Lady Gaga decides to poison his lunch for being mean to Honey B.



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