Today's shoe is the suede and metallic leather "Marisa" pump with brass heel cap by Chrissie Morris in 2009. It's similar to this one from the SS11 collection, however it is missing the heel cap.
School was really boring today. I have science homework to do on Ohm's Law and parallel circuits. Yuck. A good thing would be my hair is finally long enough to keep it loose. It's starting to warm up outside. The snow is melting and I don't have to bury my face into my coat anymore. Spring is lurking just around the corner. Soon the school year will be over and that's when I'll have a social life again.
Colour blocking can be tricky sometimes, since there's a fine line between making a bold statement and looking a little too tacky. Jordan Porter explains how to embrace the trend and look fabulous while doing it in this Style Sessions video.
BCBG came out with the same balanced and effortless looks I've been hearing about so often. I looked through the choices and have come to the decision that my favorite is the Sabina metallic short.


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