Sunday morning

All the remotes in my house are disappearing. I think we have the gremlins. Does having to literally get up and go push the button on the radio not defeat the purpose of having a remote that will do it for you? 
That is by far the laziest thing ever to pop into my mind. Ah. I should go eat some fruit or something. 
An old Hedley song just came on Virgin. Here comes the nostalgia!
I learned my speech. I'm definitely starting to dread having to say it though, because I feel as though I'll sound like the school nurse who had to come in and give us the painful talk about contraception. As if no one knows you're supposed to be against teenage pregnancy? (Ew. I can't believe 'contraception' and 'teen pregnancy' just popped up on here. Gross.) Pretend you didn't read that.
My dad just walked in, his head in his hands. He and I are notorious for our migraines. I assumed he had one now, but I was wrong. "So, did you take anything for your head?"
"What do you mean? I don't have a headache. I'm burnt. There are no pills for rest."
What a crazy thought. Imagine there was?! If we had pills to reverse all apathy, well, yeah. I've got nothing to add to that. Just go drink a Red Bull.
I need to start getting my creative juices flowing, because right now all fashionable thoughts and ideas are stagnant. And that is why we were blessed with Polyvore.



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