Blogging has become increasingly popular among the people I know. I don't know who or what caused it, or if it was me, but that's the truth. So far, I know about 3 of them:
Olivia: http://crossourbridges.tumblr.com/
Serena (but don't ever pronounce it Se-reen-a): http://welcome-to-mystery.tumblr.com/
And, very very recently, my friend Marianna hopped on the whole fashion blogging bandwagon.
These are all great blogs, and even if some of them are all about one thing or about a million different things, they are all written by great people, and I am lucky because I get to see them very often.
I told you about the Michael Kors Spring apparel before, but neglected to mention the essential accessories needed for every outfit. Instead of sticking to one brand like I do very often, go for some various influential pieces at BCBG. Now you have the perfect finishing touches for your first Spring outing.



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