All the work I'm doing this weekend has to do with English class - study for Speak test, learn persuasive speech, create a tree representing my emotions - and it's getting to be a slight nuisance. I'm grateful there's no math to do, but within the month I have two history cumulative exams and those are starting to worry me.
The main character of Speak, Melinda Sordino, is asked by her art teacher to work on trees that represent how she is feeling. My teacher thought it would be comical to give us the same project. I worked on my tree for most of yesterday. At first it seemed fun, but when I finished I realized I was back in kindergarten. There was too much glue, and I'm not exactly cut out (ha-ha) to use scissors. But here it is. Nina Morena in tree form.
This weekend we had to spring forward. I detest losing an hour. There already isn't enough time to do everything. On Friday my mom and I were deciding what movies to rent. The idea was to rent two short movies of about an hour and a half. So we rented Dreamgirls and Maneater. This is where you see how idiotic my ideas can get. On the back of the DVD box, it says how long the film is. So when my mom asked me how I was sure they weren't long movies, I replied: "You can tell they're short just by looking at the cover."
I guess we were both in a rush to leave because she didn't bother arguing my point. As it turns out, Dreamgirls was a little over two hours long and Maneater was about three. Factor in daylight savings time, and we were in bed at 2am. It was worth it though, because I love Jennifer Hudson and I love sunny places full of rich women who wear cocktail dresses and Louboutins
This just in: according to Michael Kors (who can never be misjudged), strapless is the way to go this season. (No tan lines!) Like I said yesterday, very effortless and chic at the same time. 


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