Valentino runway bag

The shoe of the day is the suede platform "Shih" wedge with mesh cascade bow from the Zia Ziprin Collection in 2008.
My year is full of parties. Life would be a lot easier if my closet was filled to it's capacity with some Michael Kors dresses. All of them are equally alluring and pretty. Putting on a simple yet elegant summery dress is the key to having to put in the minimal amount of effort. I have two most cherished pieces: the solid sheath dress in light pink and the draped snake-print as well. I completely adore the two different shapes. The solid sheath has a round neckline which means no layers are needed. No layers = comfort. On the other hand, we have the fabulous python number with different features. Strapless is usually a great look. A seamed waist adds curvature when needed. But the tulip hem is totally to die for.

I have never seen such a beautiful bag in my lifetime. This Valentino creation brought a whole new definition to  edgy and modern appeal. My heart stopped beating properly. There are no words so explain the revelation I'm looking at. All thoughts are jammed. WOW.


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