You've been gone for so long

I started writing this post 3 (now 4) hours ago. An immense wave of laziness has swept over me. Just in time, because there's no school tomorrow. It's a surprise snow day that I know it killed the school board to give us. We only got it because it was promised at the beginning of the school year. 
I'm thinking of going to see Beastly this weekend; it looks amazing. Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorite Disney movies as a little girl, so the modern version should also be to my liking. Did anyone watch it?
My mom was at the bank before and she specifically called while she was there to tell me the bank teller had gorgeous Chanel earrings, which were a gift from her grandmother from Lebanon. I'm jealous; mine are imitations. (Just the studs, not the pendant, I promise!)
Today's shoe is the black velvet "Valentin" sandal with organza-lined straps by Sophie Gittins in 2009.


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