Today's shoe is the "Issa" platform stiletto with pleated lizard and napa leather "skirt" by Chrissie Morris in 2009.
Unexpected for a Tuesday, my day passed fast and went pretty well. I wasn't chosen to present my tree, my science teacher wasn't in, I'm passing history with flying colours, I didn't miss the bus and I have no homework. Remember what I said yesterday about over half of my grade failing? I also found out that this year's final exams will be dumbed down to the point where a student two years younger will be able to comprehend them.
Soon it'll be time to go shoe shopping. I adore the heap of heel-worthy occasions I have this year! Right now I'm undecided between two pairs from Aldo.

This is the first one. I love the contrast of colours, the peep-toe and the two openings around the ankle.

But then again, the majority of my heels are toe-revealing. How will I ever choose just one? Decisions, decisions. I seem to be in the middle of a sassy dilemma.
I don't buy bags very often, but this carryall is sending out some serious back-to-school vibes. I'm powerless when it comes to shoulder totes in bright colours, particularly when it was created by Michael Kors. But this one specifically seems as if I should own it. It is the MICHAEL Michael Kors Marina Large Shoulder Tote in Sun. When I saw this bag, I inevitably thought of how great it would look when paired with all my summer outfits. I thought of how chic the impression given off would be when I'm on vacation this summer. If only.
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