Madewell a line dress
$185 - madewell.com

Charlotte Olympia high heels
550 GBP - harveynichols.com

Anya Hindmarch envelope clutch
$395 - editnewyork.com

Isharya gold plated bangle
125 GBP - austique.co.uk

$45 - winknyc.com

Flower earring
$14 - urbanoutfitters.com

Miss Selfridge semi precious ring
13 GBP - missselfridge.com



Isabel Marant floral print dress
516 EUR - shopmrsh.com

Local Celebrity party top
29 GBP - mylabel.co.uk

Aldo shoes
$70 - aldoshoes.com

Miss Selfridge blue shoulder bag
25 GBP - missselfridge.com

98 GBP - zentosa.com

$13 - hottopic.com

Rhinestone stud earring
$5.99 - tillys.com

Sunglasses black shade
$195 - winknyc.com

Pink with gray stripes or gray with pink stripes?

That is the question.
The shoe of the day is the strappy, studded leather stiletto sandal by Giuseppe Zanotti Design in 2009. That must have been a good year for him.
Today I experienced the luxury of buying a $30 lip gloss at MAC. I never bought anything there before, and now I love it. I bought one called Cremesheen Glass Lip Gloss in "Fashion Scoop."
Then I went on to Winners and found a fabulous bubbly top, perfect for summer. It may be pink with gray stripes, or vice versa.
I have never actually seen that much enamel in jewelry. Whenever I hear the word, I think of teeth. This is a better reference from now on.
You have enamel, and you have gold. Alone they're fine. Together, we now have a beautiful accented statement to make. The accessories at BCBG never fail to amaze me. Just wait until you see these shoes...
Tell me, is there a more perfect way to finish off a vacation outfit? I went to wax my legs before and while I was lying on my tummy wincing every few seconds, my mind wandered off to a warm tropical setting. I saw myself walking near a rooftop pool in shorts and a cropped top with these sandals. The air smelled like suntan lotion and I had a view of the ocean. Palm trees swayed in the distance; there was a gentle breeze blowing. My sweet reverie was interrupted by the woman responsible for my pampering (who had such a pretty shade of pink lipstick to contrast her jet black hair) politely telling me she was done.
I kind of went off track there for a bit but anyway, it was a really long-winded way of me letting you all know that I like those wedges.
Photo source.
Photo source.
Did you watch the royal wedding? It started at 3AM here, so I caught a replay later on. Kate Middleton wore a dress by Alexander McQueen at the ceremony at Westminster Abbey. For the reception at Buckingham Palace, she transformed into another McQueen creation. 




3 1 Phillip Lim satin top
$550 - net-a-porter.com

TopShop cropped jacket
$118 - topshop.com

Versace short mini skirt
576 GBP - net-a-porter.com

Dorothy Perkins black pantyhose
3 GBP - dorothyperkins.com

Mimi Loves Jimi ankle boot
$70 - generalpants.com.au

Flower handbag
105 GBP - karenmillen.com


Today's very cozy shoe is the traditional geta with fur-edged toe cap for winter wear from Japan between 1910 and 1940.
I just finished a three day week in time to welcome a four day weekend. Tomorrow I'm going to spend my MAC gift card on something pretty. I'm due for it.
I'm so tired and lazy right now I just want to melt into the bed and never leave. I should go do that. 
In the near future: I'll talk about the combination of enamel and gold at BCBG. 




GAGA - April 25th, 2011

Today's shoe is the leopard-print sequined pump by Andrea Pfister in 2001. 
Last night was phenomenal. There are no words in my mind that can tell you how amazing The Monster Ball was. The entire night was perfectly planned, the only thing that remotely irked me was how long it took for LG to take the stage, but it was obviously worth the wait. Her opening act, Semi Precious Weapons, made enormous progress since least year. I enjoyed them too.
It's taking forever to upload videos on Facebook so everything will end up on here.

I don't know if the lead singer of the band suddenly became super attractive since June (although he really was, if you look past his glittering heels) but the people in the front row went absolutely insane. I swear, women took off their underwear and threw it at him. He laughed and kept them. I couldn't tell what most of their songs were called, but they've been stuck in my head all day. It was weird to be sitting the waiting room at the orthodontist and having the line "She wants free booze, no rules, and you" replaying in my head.

During the intermission every Michael Jackson song known to man was being played. For an hour. Every time a song ended, the crowd would scream for the one second of silence between one song and the next because it seemed as if the show would start. 

I'm so happy. That is the only reason I have for venturing all the way to the Bell Center. Both LG and SPW  were open with the audience. They spoke to us like we were lifelong friends. We were told a million times how beautiful we are and how awesome it was of us to make them famous. Gaga's speeches are incredibly inspiring. Everyone threw her presents, including a book full of fan letters. She read one of the poems written about her and you could really tell she loved it. She picked up all the gifts, said she was going to keep them, and went backstage to drop them off in a growing pile and put on a new costume. LG is so heartwarming. At one point she stopped singing for a bit and sat down and stared at us. She had conversations with fellow concert goers and even found a creative way to tell us all Virgin Mobile will donate twenty grand to homeless children. How did she do it? She called one of us. The lucky one was a father of a two-year-old who was apparently her biggest fan. (Aren't we all?) He got to go backstage after the show. Translation: he had a one-way ticket to paradise.
I'm slightly upset right now because Blogger doesn't seem to be cooperating with my need to upload videos of her performance. Oh well. They aren't going anywhere. If they never decide to upload properly, I'll get some off YouTube from somebody who had a better view. This won't bother me. I'm still starstruck.
By the way, The Monster Ball is almost over. A new tour is being planned. She already told us she'll be stopping by again! LG didn't sing Judas because she didn't want to reveal the choreography until Ellen on Thursday, so be sure to check that out. (I definitely will.)



None of the photos are mine unless they are taken by me and if not, there is always credit given to whoever the photo belongs to.