Today's shoe is the patchwork scalloped double-strap "Colourful Clouds" with low platform and heel by Jan Jansen in 2010.
Tuesdays are never fun, unless they're in the summer, in which case I don't think there is a difference between the weekend and a weekday for a high school student. I can't take these classes anymore. I have never been so stressed with school; it's not healthy. Why would I have to put up with so much stress at fifteen years old? It is inhumane for teachers to bombard us like this. In history this morning I got a federal election assignment that my teacher gypped off someone else. He'll be prancing around New York when it's time to hand it in, and I also found out his substitute will be the one and only psychotic pregnant woman from yesterday. How will I deal with her for an entire week? 
Today is Passover (or was it yesterday? Does it last two days?) so my French teacher wasn't at school. Only problem is she had scheduled a test for today and an oral for tomorrow. So is the oral extended to Thursday now? What happened to our test? Does anyone have answers?! It's like she momentarily forgot she was Jewish when she planned our week.
The math test I didn't want to think about yesterday has come back to haunt me. I handed it in with confidence and walked to my teacher's desk with confidence. She showed me a 56% then said we had another quiz next week, and so as a result I walked back to my place lacking the will to live. I am not meant to be in those classes. That's the problem with always doing better than everyone else; there isn't anywhere to go but down. And it sucks. I hate this. I was doing so well since November, and now this ruined my stellar pattern.
Six days to Gaga.
SHOELUST has a knack for lifting my mood. When I saw these Atalanta Weller peep-toe wedge booties, I though maybe LG would wear something like these if she was feeling oddly normal, but I wouldn't bet on it.
These Brian Atwood platforms have been popping up all over the place recently so now they're starting to grow on me. Although I have to say I'm getting bored with the peep-toe look. But since they're suede and are in an electric blue I'll forgive Brian this time. I think I'm biased because I seem to be naturally attracted to shoes that are difficult to walk in. The thicker heels don't pose very much of a challenge. My shoes are usually the best part of what I'm wearing. They can't be boring, or it all goes to waste. Exotic heels = automatic pass.
Those booties on the other hand...



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