Yesterday's shoe was the leather button boot with a trompe l'oeil gaiter from the United States in the early 20th century. This weekend we have the "Op-Art" mod leather ankle boot with a graphic appliqué by Renate Volleberg in 2006.
I had no time at all to blog yesterday, and the Polyvore creation was done in the span of a few hours because my cousins were over and I had cramps and dinner and dessert were stretched out to weird times. Before that, Jade was over and we worked on the Christian Dior French project. We ended up creating a Dior smartphone. It involved a lot of glitter. On top of that, I had a major migraine and I ate too much. 
My pre-Easter gift was $40 to MAC and some mini Cadbury chocolate eggs. Considering the fact that there is an immense chocolate fudge cake waiting in my fridge, I'll try to leave those alone for a while. Or not. My willpower is nil.
Enjoy the long weekend!



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