Drowning in restlessness at the moment...

Today's bauble is the evening shoe with bow-tie detail by Yves Saint Laurent between 1985 and 1988.
Holt Renfrew's Spring Style Guide is basically the pinnacle of everything I've been talking about since the snow melted. In 32 virtual pages, it summed up the necessities for this lovely season. I think I'll print out a few looks to temporarily decorate my room, because I am in love. (I know, I fall in love very often. It's a curse.) Practically any form of clothing or accessory related to Canada's insufficient summer months will put me in a better mood. Everything is always better when the weather isn't depressing. 
I'm halfway between page 56 of FASHION, a look on Polyvore and an abundant heap of educational endeavors. I'm supposed to study Petit Paul, plan a family vacation to Egypt in French, practice more trig and start a memory aid on triangular theorems. Oh, and I have to start thinking about what to write about in my upcoming descriptive essay. I sense a mental health day coming up, and I wish I could afford to take one, but I detest falling behind.
Tomorrow should be a break, for a few particular reasons: I don't have math. My English teacher won't be in, so we'll be watching Speak. I finish off the day with ethics, which is a "nothing" class. All we do is talk about meditating and a whole bunch of other things no one cares about in real life. Also, tomorrow's ethics period will be spent listening to more presentations. My team did the honors on Monday, so for 75 minutes I'll be daydreaming. 



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