I love today's heel so much. It's the red satin sandal with plumage-inspired embroidery by Halston between 1976 and 1982.
I couldn't find a picture anywhere so I took this one with the webcam. Wow, I want this. I belong in a different decade.
The past four days can be summed up in two words: movies and chocolate. Those are basically the only things I consumed. Today I have to actually open a book and start on all the homework (math) I've been putting off. I am also probably going to finish my descriptive essay. 
I want to tell you what it's about. I am, in detail, describing November 27th, 2008. On that day my best friend and I decided not to go to school and caused a huge conflict because our parents and the school thought we were kidnapped. In reality, we were at my house, dancing to Lady Gaga's first album and ordering pizza. Have you ever done something so bad that your parents were never so upset? To this day, my dad still doesn't think it's funny. I'm never going to forget this. My teacher read part of the rough draft and thought it was hilarious.
I need to complete all the incessant tasks so I can spend the majority of the afternoon thinking about what to wear tonight. I hope LG starts the show on time, because I am going to look like a zombie tomorrow morning at school. It's a good thing my science assignment in the tech lab was Thursday, or else I'd end up falling asleep on a glue gun or something equally perilous. 
Oh and I have to start charging the weak camera. Expect a Gaga overload in the near future. I'm so excited!



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