King with no crown

When I revealed today's shoe to myself this morning, it scared me. Probably because I was exhausted, but this heel was very unexpected. I thought it was some kind of octopus monster. It is the patent leather "Strip-Zip-Trick" boot with a hidden interior evening shoe by Jan Jansen in 2010.
I have a very busy two weeks ahead of me and I just came to and saw that school will be like that until I write my last final exam in June. April, May and June are the most stressful months of the school year because the fact that summer school may be looming finally slams all the students in the face. This is the only part of the year that matters to us.
School was school. It gets very repetitive, which is why I don't understand why I've been talking about it very often. I don't feel like saying how I felt while watching dramatically creepy movies and learning how to draft. It gets very boring. I got another French oral, but this one is in partners. I have to create a new product for a luxury brand. My teacher assigned me Christian Dior, so I can't complain. Although I still didn't start planning the family vacation to Egypt and I am yet to learn some Arabic. French class brings out the tiny amount of procrastination in me.
Lady Gaga surprised us all with an early release of her new song "Judas." I got home about four hours ago. It's still playing. I like it so much better than "Born This Way." You can listen to it here and find the lyrics here. By the way, speaking of Gaga, I'll be seeing her in a mere ten days! The impatience is starting. Only a few more sleeps until April 25th...



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