Marc Jacobs Spring 2011

Today's shoe is the red leather pump with V-cup vamp by Michele Loisi in the 1980s.
I didn't start reading FASHION yet, although I skimmed through it quickly to get a glimpse. Olivia lent me The Perks of Being a Wallflower and I can't wait to start it!
There are many collections I look forward to (yes, Karl Lagerfeld) and the Marc Jacobs ready to wear is one of them. And guess what? His spring creations are here.
I will not waste too much time on the bags because the dresses are freaking me out. You know that feeling? When you walk into a store and see something hanging on the rack in front of you (IN YOUR SIZE) and the only coherent thought you can make out is "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD THIS WAS WAITING FOR ME, I HAVE TO HAVE IT NOWWWWWWW."
That just happened.
Click on the bag to see it on the Marc Jacobs site. The song "Billionaire" just came on the radio. It strangely applies, since this beauty is currently costing you $1350. I have one slightly similar to it. It caught my eye right away because of the quilted double-stitching and kiss-lock closure. (Mine has a boring zipper.) This was made in Italy, out of leather. (Mine was from China, in some synthetic material.)
The taffeta shift dress appealed to me right at first sight, greatly because of it's length, gold tone and bow. The draped one-shoulder tunic is full of beach-like promise. (Also, it's a beautiful colour.) The silk jacquard dress paired with the big hat and oversize sunglasses was a print a little too far out for me, but I liked the style all the same. I loved the flutter sleeve dress. Mostly because of the belt and drop waist. The tissue tank top with belt and high-waisted pants is a great look, which I am coveting a lot at the moment. The same trousers with a long-sleeved top and marvelous hat is a good look too. The black cap-sleeved tunic is slightly out of place next to all the other choices, but a little black dress is always essential, no matter what it may be competing with in your closet.



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