This weekend's shoe is the wood platform sandal with calico-print and snakeskin upper from Canada in the 1970s.
Last night I watched Nine. It was a long movie and my brother feel asleep and my mom lost interest after an hour. Much to her chagrin, I continued watching it and recapped the ending for her. She still thought it was boring. I didn't.
It took a few movies for me to realize I have a weakness for musicals taking place in another century. This film was about a director named Guido Contini who was about to release a movie called Italia. The cast and crew were ready to start filming, and his leading lady kept asking for a script to begin studying, but the show couldn't go on. He never wrote a word of the story because he lost inspiration. Guido was having a midlife crisis and wanted to stop making movies because he couldn't see the point anymore. All the women he was juggling started to drive him crazy. My favorite character was whoever Kate Hudson played. Fergie was also an unexpected surprise.

Throughout the whole thing he had tons of flashbacks, which is where all the singing came in. In the end, he got over his lack of inspiration and made a movie centered around a man trying to win back his wife, which was his real-life plan. Guido's wife found out he was cheating on her with Penelope Cruz. (I didn't master of the character's names.) Nine dragged on a little bit, but it ended perfectly. 
The closing scene displays nine-year-old Guido sitting on the lap of his fifty-year-old self whispering the most anticipated word in film making: Action. Behind them is the set of Italia, decorated with all of his personal monsters bidding adieu for the last time.



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