Open your eyes

Today's shoe is the leather peep-toe with with red plastic open platform by Giuseppe Zanotti Design  in 2009.
The thunder woke me up this morning. Isn't it not supposed to thunder in April? It's probably because of some obvious reason like global warming [duhn duhn duhnnnn].
My science quiz was full of those unwanted trick questions where you have no idea if there's anything behind what you're writing down. I caught a quick glance of the teacher's answer key, and surprise surprise, the last question was totally wrong. It boggles my mind that apparently the effective force Victoria uses to pull her suitcase should matter in my life. 
My ethics presentation was a bust. Halfway through it it was my turn to start talking about the names of wiccan goddesses. That didn't go very well. My teacher wanted to know about the intolerance of this religion in Quebec's society. To explain this, we prepared a "Misconceptions" page. It said things like, "They don't cast evil spells, they aren't witches, the don't cook weird stews in cauldrons, they don't fly around on brooms, blah blah blah." The intolerance isn't something my teammates and I could have researched, but I think the whole thing was prejudiced. I can't explain it but there was an odd vibe in the room, so imagine what it would be like in front of an entire province. 
I got 98 on my math pop quiz, but by an unfortunate twist of luck it's only worth 5%. What else? We just finished learning trig in science, just in time to start it in greater detail in math. My teacher says she detests the trick "SOH CAH TOA," because she "doesn't believe in tricks." That's a trick to remember all the trig ratios, just in case I lost you back there.
But I have no homework. Repeat: NONE
That's right. I can finally start FASHION's May issue.
I'm proud of myself at the moment. My life is rarely filled with stupid clichéd high school drama. (That's right people, I actually do have a life outside the internet.) I'm not even sure really, maybe it is right now, maybe it isn't. But all the ones (who, by the way, will never be mentioned here again) that desperately try to annoy me, well, they do. And then karma will happen. And I will laugh, sit back and enjoy the show. If you know me personally and are reading this, don't worry, I'm not being bullied or anything like that. Don't start panicking. But please do not ask me what is wrong, because you will not get it out of me.
Anyway, I'm just saying. Don't give in to dumb boys and petty gossip.



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