Pink with gray stripes or gray with pink stripes?

That is the question.
The shoe of the day is the strappy, studded leather stiletto sandal by Giuseppe Zanotti Design in 2009. That must have been a good year for him.
Today I experienced the luxury of buying a $30 lip gloss at MAC. I never bought anything there before, and now I love it. I bought one called Cremesheen Glass Lip Gloss in "Fashion Scoop."
Then I went on to Winners and found a fabulous bubbly top, perfect for summer. It may be pink with gray stripes, or vice versa.
I have never actually seen that much enamel in jewelry. Whenever I hear the word, I think of teeth. This is a better reference from now on.
You have enamel, and you have gold. Alone they're fine. Together, we now have a beautiful accented statement to make. The accessories at BCBG never fail to amaze me. Just wait until you see these shoes...
Tell me, is there a more perfect way to finish off a vacation outfit? I went to wax my legs before and while I was lying on my tummy wincing every few seconds, my mind wandered off to a warm tropical setting. I saw myself walking near a rooftop pool in shorts and a cropped top with these sandals. The air smelled like suntan lotion and I had a view of the ocean. Palm trees swayed in the distance; there was a gentle breeze blowing. My sweet reverie was interrupted by the woman responsible for my pampering (who had such a pretty shade of pink lipstick to contrast her jet black hair) politely telling me she was done.
I kind of went off track there for a bit but anyway, it was a really long-winded way of me letting you all know that I like those wedges.
Photo source.
Photo source.
Did you watch the royal wedding? It started at 3AM here, so I caught a replay later on. Kate Middleton wore a dress by Alexander McQueen at the ceremony at Westminster Abbey. For the reception at Buckingham Palace, she transformed into another McQueen creation. 



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