The shoe of the day is the super-high leather and suede green platform sandal from Italy, in the early 1970s.
Today at lunch my friends and I were in front of Tim Hortons when Best Friend #1 realized she couldn't find her money. Three girls, practically flying away due to the fierce wind (where did that come from?) standing in front of a busy boulevard with no money for food, and 45 minutes of lunch left.
Best Friend #1 found her money when we got back to school, but by then there was no time to run out for a quick pizza. And then it started to rain. And it didn't stop. Not even when school ended and we had to detour to the bakery to find her late lunch. 
I just noticed this wasn't done in chronological order at all. In reality, I'm just too lazy to move this paragraph to before the "lunch" bit but I'll use the excuse that I have math homework to do. This morning I was attacked unexpectedly by the worst cramps in the world. You know the kind where you can't stand properly? I was only thirty seconds into my first class of the day and I debated leaving. I remembered how great it felt to ditch classes. (Don't roll your eyes. Everyone's done it. Go on, reminisce... You know you want to.)



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