Tell me about the dream

Today's shoe is the blue leather pump with green and red leather appliqué by Bally, circa 1980s.
I'm grateful for how uneventful school was, because it led to not having homework. I got some term marks back and so far my average is 84. This term is the first one colleges start looking at, and it seems like I'm off to a good start. I hope that didn't sound too obsessive, but it's because of The Goal. Olivia and I are supposed to obtain McGill t-shirts by earning them.
I don't have any summer sandals yet, which is something I need to rectify very soon. I adore these Coach Rue sandals.
Fuchsia is the perfect shade, although it is also available in black, gray, chestnut and gunmetal. The obvious minimalism and hardware makes it the perfect go-to accessory for chic summery days out. I love how it is the epitome of simplicity, yet it still pulls off an effortlessly elegant look.



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