There's no place like home

The shoe gracing the first day of April is the "Mai" suede and vintage kimono fabric mule by Hetty Rose in 2009.
Today was the long-awaited shopping day. I'm unusually accomplished. You see, whenever I have parties it takes at least a few weeks to obtain every piece of the outfit to embellish it as much as possible, but I already have everything. Thanks to a quick trip to Winners and Aldo
The brand of the dress is Speechless. It's a size 3 so it's a little loose, but I'm going to have it taken in to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. The ribbon around the waist helps. It's not a black-and-white themed party, but I wasn't aiming for that specific look. I debated pulling out an old Bloor Street outfit from last summer but since Marianna is under the impression that I'm not a dress person, I decided against it. I had no idea how to capture the essence of this dress, since it was basically created with me in mind. (I wish.)
I may not be a photographer, but I'm proud of myself for being able to reach up and put the hanger on the top of my door without asking for help. Am I five feet tall yet? Possibly. Which is why my heels have to be a walking hazard. 
Although I do find it slightly odd that you can see my brother's toy car in the hallway. 
I recall coveting an electric blue or cherry red pump in the recent past. That specific shoe hunt happened today. The blue didn't happen, but I'm extremely satisfied with my findings. 

Now all I have to do is tie my hair into two pigtails, click my heels together three times and follow the yellow brick road back to Kansas.
What do you think of the black and white dress with bright red heels? I think it makes a statement. These came in black too, but the salesgirl had no more in size seven so I spontaneously chose the red. Black would be too boring, right? I have tons of necklaces to go with this, so accessories shouldn't be a problem.
My mom pranked me this morning. After dropping my brother off at school she went to pick up a cinnamon bun at Tim Hortons for me. She put it on the table and came to wake me up. By the time I revived myself and got to the kitchen and opened the Tim's bag, she still didn't crack. I opened it expecting to see a fattening but delicious pastry and instead I saw a super old McDonald's toy.
Did you get pranked today?



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