It's about time

It feels like forever since I had a second to breathe. High school has turned me into an emotional wreck. Yes, I know it all goes downhill from here, but I need summer soon because I am on the verge of a stress-induced mental breakdown.
Last weekend's shoe was the "Play It Again, Sam" moccasin in top-stitched patchwork leather by Jan Jansen in 2010. Happy belated Mother's Day!
Yesterday we had the black evening sandal with beaded fringe by Giuseppe Zanotti Design in 2009.
And finally, the shoe of the day is the silver paduka bridal shoe from India in the 18th century.
Alright so I just remembered that I'm not exactly gifted when it comes to anything involving trig or conjugating in French. I should go attempt to remedy that now. Back soon, hopefully!



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