On Wednesdays we wear pink

The shoe of the day is the strappy snakeskin "Keenan" stiletto sandal by Jimmy Choo in 2009.
The descriptive essay I've been yammering on about recently is about my most memorable high school experience so far. It is about when Best Friend #1 and I had the marvelous idea to skip school and come to my house to order pizza and dance around. We did get caught, though. And it was all because we didn't want to go to history class. 
However it is extremely cheesy. There shouldn't be any shame in it because the whole point of it was to describe a memory using all five senses. But I still dread having to recite it to everyone on Friday because I have to talk about the intoxicating smell of pizza and freshly baked croissants. Awkward? Probably.
I was invited to the official launch of Montreal Festimania this Monday. Enough said. Today was awesome.



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