This weekend's shoe is the traditional laptis woven from the inner bark of lime wood or birch trees from Norway in 1982. 
Last night was Marianna's party. I did make it after all, though I missed a confirmation. I wore my red patent heels from Aldo and the black and white strapless dress from Winners, which were bought and posted exactly one month ago. 
I can't believe it's already May. School is almost over. Normally I'd be more excited about that, but I recently found out that it'll be extended by a week. Instead of finishing on June third, it ends on the ninth and exams start the tenth. That really sucks. On the other hand, my blog is almost a year old! It's incredible to me that I'm still here, doing this. I thought maybe it was a phase, but now I know blogging is something I love and will most definitely continue. Getting lovely feedback helps a lot when I don't feel as motivated as usual.
The sad truth is... I never got past page 56 of the May issue of FASHION. I really need to finish reading it, since I usually review it by now. School is making me so busy and I know it should take up most of my time, but I need a massive break from it. Tomorrow is election day, so the universe along with the Canadian government graciously decided my weekend should be extended. I'm not complaining.



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