Calling all fashion bloggers!

Today's shoe is the silk "Lilith" sandal with patent leather straps by Jerome C. Rousseau in 2009.
Firstly, remember StylePage?
I have found the next best thing. And it just may be the way to fund all your fashionable cravings.
If you have a fashion blog where you frequently post different products and recommendations for those products (ex: all the BCBG pieces in my last post) then this is the place for you.
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Like these Proenza Schouler heels? Click on them. Their being out of stock is not a problem, because the link is now embedded into the computer of whoever visits the website. They can still buy something from that online store. And for that, no matter what it is, you earn commission. Fair enough, I think.
Wouldn't you agree?



BCBG pre-fall 2011

The shoe of the day is the 1940s-inspired "Yumi" sandal of vintage kimono fabric by Hetty Rose in 2009.
Click image for details.
As mentioned yesterday, BCBG released some fall pieces which are "inspired by classic style icons."
Click to view Max Azria catalog.
These pre-fall obsessions include power skirts, braided belts, pointed-toe pumps, loose-knitted crop tops and box clutches.

Clicking on those images leads to where you can buy the items. 
I think these are good clothes for an office, (the power skirts) but the pointed-toe pumps can also be used for a day-to-night transition. The clutch is meant for evening, but a timeless design can be worked out in tons of different ways.



Setting alarms is depressing

Today's shoe is the satin stiletto pump with tonal netted overlay and floral detail by rsvp Ivana in 2009.
I have to be up early tomorrow because I have to pick up my report card at school. I'm not too nervous, but sleep will probably escape me tonight. It always does!
Also I've been working on my CV for a while now. I want it to sound normal but not too overdone, which is going to take a lot of editing on my part. 
Summer has hardly begun but BCBG is already showcasing their pre-fall 2011 obsessions. 
Just letting you know that there's more I plan to write about, as soon as all the tedious chores of life are completed. That is when I can escape reality to the world of fashion.
Hopefully I'll be back sooner than later!



How to pull off transparent flats

How to pull off transparent flats

CP SHADES striped swimwear
$165 - lespommettes.com

ALDO flat shoes

Kate Spade striped handbag
$228 - katespade.com

Square sunglasses
€27 - shopfriiscompany.com

NARS Nail Polish
$17 - bloomingdales.com

We're gonna go... SHOPPING!

I need a pair of sandals. They have to be flat and comfortable. I have about a month to find them. Do you know why?
Because I'm going to Walt Disney World!
I have a random pair of Keds-like shoes for walking around the theme parks, and I won't bring the H&M wedges because 5-inch heels will be a nuisance. 
However Florida is not a place with a climate fit for running shoes, so the sandals are essential. 
But where? What colour? What style? Aldo? Spring? Winners?
How will I find the perfect pair?
I'm scouring the internet for options and though it obviously isn't the same as what the stores have in stock, I need an idea.



Five options from each store. I'm also going to look at Winners, but you never know what you'll find there.
What do you think of my choices? Any suggestions or tips to find the most practical sandal?



The May Issue

The shoe of this rainy day isn't compatible with the cold, damp weather. It's the lizard and metallic napa leather "Sunburst" sandal by Chrissie Morris in 2009.
Despite what season we're in, I feel like this summer won't permit me to be as lazy as I imagined. Since I have some time at the moment, here is the review of the May issue of FASHION. I'm very aware that it's almost July, but I didn't want to abandon it altogether.
Daria Werbowy was on the cover, and if I'm guessing correctly, I already mentioned the dress she wore here. (I guess that was a rainy day too.)
Socks and sandals? Why is this happening? Maybe it's
only meant to work if the toes aren't making an appearance.
This look from Mikhael Kale Spring 2011 is different but absolutely stunning. The hair wrapped around the neck can be a way to say that this model is a slave to fashion, just like whoever wears the clothes.
I've had my eyes on this Michael Kors watch for a while. My older
cousin received a similar one for Christmas, and taunted me with it all day.
"White Noise" is one of the editorials in the magazine.
To honor the age issue, a more mature model was used.
Maye Musk is so beautiful for her age.
Daria Werbowy
I'm looking forward to the Montreal Fashion and Design Festival in August!
Now I can finally say I'm done with all the posts I've been putting off since school ended.
Though this issue of the magazine pertained mostly to older people and ways to keep their skin from falling apart and stuff like that, it was still interesting. I especially loved everything coming after the beginning of the SHOPS section. The articles were all thought-provoking, and I might be repeating myself, but that's what FASHION will do for you. It delivers consistency. 



None of the photos are mine unless they are taken by me and if not, there is always credit given to whoever the photo belongs to.