We're gonna go... SHOPPING!

I need a pair of sandals. They have to be flat and comfortable. I have about a month to find them. Do you know why?
Because I'm going to Walt Disney World!
I have a random pair of Keds-like shoes for walking around the theme parks, and I won't bring the H&M wedges because 5-inch heels will be a nuisance. 
However Florida is not a place with a climate fit for running shoes, so the sandals are essential. 
But where? What colour? What style? Aldo? Spring? Winners?
How will I find the perfect pair?
I'm scouring the internet for options and though it obviously isn't the same as what the stores have in stock, I need an idea.



Five options from each store. I'm also going to look at Winners, but you never know what you'll find there.
What do you think of my choices? Any suggestions or tips to find the most practical sandal?



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