A chic opportunity like this can't go to waste

The shoe of the day is the gold sandal with serpent detail and chunky heel by Yves Saint Laurent between 1999 and 2002.
We all know no one wants to grow up, but in certain cases, being an adult would benefit. The JPG show is on a week night, and there's absolutely no chances of my fifteen-year-old self being there if a parent/older person isn't with me. This is basically the apocalypse of my life. 
I have to go. I absolutely must go. I have to find a way, or a car door will be shut on my soul forever. 
I am in desperate need of a an eternally awesome older person, and right now not many come to mind because they're all employed.
My mom keeps saying to stop obsessing because "there are worse things than not seeing a fashion show" and I do realize that, but this is such a perfect opportunity!
Since when can you waltz onto a downtown street to see the collection of a well-respected, notorious and famous French fashion designer?
I passed up buying tickets to fashion week in February and meeting him at Holt Renfrew in June. I just really want this, and I'm sorry if I now sound like a horrible spoiled brat.
I didn't mean it that way.



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