BCBG dress + Rebecca Minkoff bag

Today's shoe is the yellow leather sandal with chunky heel by Rayne between 1974 and 1975.

I picked up my school schedule and it wasn't as bad as I thought I would be! I got English Literature and Italian, which were the classes I wanted. I have a few classes with my close friends which is also nice. So far, so good. Tomorrow morning, I won't be thinking the same thing after waking up at 6.

I don't know about you, but I love wearing rich, vibrant colours. It takes away from the typical boring-ness of everything else we might be doing. Where better to start than with a fabulous royal blue number?

Click to buy.
See the rest of BCBG's Town Jewels here.
Even though this Rebecca Minkoff bag is even more out of reach than the dress, wouldn't they pair perfectly? I think so.

Click to see this and other handbags from Rebecca Minkoff's Fall 2011 collection at Holt Renfrew.
Don't even get me started on shoes...



Calm before the storm

Yesterday's shoe was the perforated suede "Jedd" with straps and studs by Jimmy Choo in 2009.
The shoe of the day is the mod "Infeltation" felt boot with peek-a-boo cut-outs by Karin Janssen in 2005.

Well, there goes summer. Tomorrow is registration. Thursday is class. One more year in that terrible uniform.

I really want to post about the gorgeous jewel-tone dresses at BCBG. That's going to happen soon! Meanwhile, I plan on spending my last night of abusing the internet connection on Tumblr, listening to Adele, Bon Iver and Gregory and the Hawk. Oh, and don't forget mentally preparing myself to enter that godforsaken building which I won't be able help missing in 10 months.



Another laziness-induced shoe post

I saw all the nice comments you left me, thank you! I will definitely get back to them eventually. The reason posting has been sporadic is because I'm watching too much TV and turning everything into a mess and acting really, really lazy. I also have my Sweet 16 tomorrow night, and even though it's not a fancy ordeal, I dread being at work at 7am the morning after that. (Not that I don't enjoy it, but I still need to get used to everything at Tim Hortons and it's very overwhelming.)

Last weekend:
Mustard silk court shoe with Fenelon bows inspired by the 17th-century baroque style, from England, circa 1880.

Satin "Blinded" evening sandal with jeweled t-strap by Stuart Weitzman in 2009.

Polka-dot slingback with bow ornament by Rayne in 1988.

Traditional metal nalin worn by women in bathhouses in Turkey in the 19th century.

Denim stiletto-heeled cowboy boot by Andrea Pfister in the 1990s.

There's nothing like the quality of an Acer webcam. I need to stop complaining about everything.



Above-the-knee studs

I think I'm going to make a post soon about all the daily shoes I haven't been posting.
Also, there's going to be a lovely Miu Miu collage coming up as well!

Tadaaaaa! It was a pair of boots! Got them for $60 at Winners. Perfect for the transition between the chilly seasons. 

Maybe you didn't know this, but I'm completely hooked on Gossip Girl. I bought season 4 yesterday and I'm slightly ashamed to admit I watched at least 12 episodes already. The Chuck and Blair situation is so tragic sometimes. (I have no patience for a small dose once a week - the entire season in consumed in a few days. Gotta enjoy the remaining laziness that comes with summer!)



Sneak peek

Wouldn't you like to know what I bought myself today? Keep guessing...





Hi everyone! It's my birthday today. I'm kind of in lazy mode right now; I plan to spend the rest of the day with pizza and an hour and a half of James Franco stuck between a rock and a hard place. (True story - I kid you not.)

I'll get back to your comments soon!




Aldo booties + H&M top

Aldo booties + H&M top

H M racer back top
£7.99 - hm.com

G by Guess camisole tank
$13 - gbyguess.com

Acne skinny leg pants
$1,497 - my-wardrobe.com

ALDO leather booties
$110 - aldoshoes.com

ALDO carved jewelry
$8 - aldoshoes.com

ALDO chain jewelry
$10 - aldoshoes.com

Light up the room

Take a chance, you might get lucky

I've decided to not post anything whenever I have nothing to write about (to avoid ramblings), so that's why I haven't written in a few days.
Wednesday's shoe was the silver "Möbius" sandal with open carbon-fiber wedge by United Nude in 2009.
Thursday's shoe was the perforated leather sandal with flirty tassel accent by Celine in 2007. I'm not sure if it's this Celine or not.
Today's shoe is the high-collared leather peep-toe with op art top-stitching by Giuseppe Zanotti Design in 2009.

I did some shopping today! I found a beautiful top at Costa Blanca to wear to my Sweet 16 next Friday and a few colorful headbands at H&M. Pictures to come! We passed by Aldo a few times. My heart melted every time I saw these suede electric blue platform booties in the window display.
There were tons of new arrivals, all very stunningly eye-catching. This video sums it up! What do you think of Aldo's take on the new seasons coming up?



Yoü and I

Come on skinny love, what happened here?

The shoe of the day (which also happens to be my mom's 44th birthday!) is the very comfortable-looking traditional mok-hwa boot worn by grooms on their wedding day in Korea, dating back to circa 1950-1959.

After re-reading yesterday's post and going over your (much appreciated) comments, I just feel asking myself this: why am I such a weird person? The size 00 thing was uncalled for; there was a little bit of a rant going on there.

I'm not really in a blogging mood today, because there is something stuck in my mind. It's odd to talk about these things, but that's the point of writing, after all. Here we go.

Being someone who naturally has a fast metabolism and small frame, I am very often stereotyped as the anorexic one. I'm frowned upon as the girl who never eats. When did enjoying a meal become something I had to advertise?

Society eventually transformed and began to gravitate towards the idea of skinny. Small. Extra small. Extra extra small. Size zero. Double zero. You can never be thin enough. Eat less. Exersice more. Show more skin. Show off your bones. Be slender. Have long legs and show them off in stilettos. Just hurry up and get skinny already, so others will think you're beautiful.

There is a fine line between losing weight because you want to at your own pace, and developing a disease. Anorexia is not the same as being healthily slim. 

But I'm not attacking anyone at all. I know what it's like. The voices in your head, yelling, "Don't eat that, you'll be bloated. If you do, burn off twice the amount of calories later."  

Who needs breakfast? Who needs lunch? Skip it. Faint. In a twisted, psychotic way, think it was actually worth it. 

Someone like me, so fragile and impressionable, is the most prone to these things. Not all us teenage girls can be smart enough to understand the danger behind denying yourself the basic fuel to live. 

That's why I can't stand it when I hear stuff like, "just eat it, you have nothing to worry about." Body image is an extremely touchy subject, something that applies to most girls. It's literally all you hear in hallways at school. "I'm such a fat cow."  Because they don't look identical to Kate Moss.

I never feel like talking about this. Yet I know it's in the back of everyone's mind. You know you'll feel better if you choose to eat celery and go jogging than have chips with a movie. It's just the way it is. Don't criticize what you don't understand.




Skinny cargo by Michael Kors

Today's shoe is the classic "Tanima" mule made of vintage kimono fabric by Hetty Rose in 2009.
Everyone likes wearing jeans. Whether they are tight or flared, paired with sneakers or heels: denim, universally, is flattering to our legs. 
However, no matter what size you are, putting them on and taking them off is beyond annoying. That's why we have more options!
There are jeggings. My mom just bought me two pairs and they don't even fit me. They came in a size small which corresponds to sizes 4-6. Not with 00. (Please don't attack me with the "it's not mathematically possible, gain some weight!" speech! I'm not tall.)
So yes, there are jeggings. And then there are cargo pants.
I think they're useful. Michael Kors (speaking of MK, have you seen this masterpiece?!) is a genius. There's no other way of putting it.




The shoe of the weekend is the imported kilim textile slipper made with silk thread tassels from Europe in the mid-19th century.
I've been an elusive blogger these past couple of days! After my training yesterday I had a splitting headache so I was totally out of commission, even just to stare at a computer screen. This weekend was also filled with strange movies, like Black Swan and Barney's Version.
Black Swan was a mix between being amazed by the beautiful ballet and being utterly horrified and confused by the things going on in Natalie Portman's character's (Nina Sayers) mind. But I liked it. Even though I lost sleep later on.
Barney's Version was very long and very sad. It was a well-made movie, but the tragic events that unfold are sure to cause waterworks, seeing that the move is over two hours long.

I'm going to rest now. But I'm not entirely abandoning my readers! As soon as I stop feeling like I got hit by a bus, you'll be hearing about a nice alternative to the sometimes uncomfortable pair of jeans. (Hint: it involves Michael Kors.)



Pretty winter skirt

Today's shoe the squared-platform stiletto in reptile, patent leather and silk by Diego Dolcini in 2009.
I went shopping before and sadly there were no signs of any affirmation bracelets at BCBG. I guess they aren't carried in stores, oh well! I got a pair of much needed, regular black tights at Simons for $10 and then I took advantage of the monstrous sale happening at BCBG.
Got it for about $100 off this regular price.
Faux suede pleats.
Click to buy.
I don't know what it is, maybe the stars aligned or something, but my day went perfectly. I'm enjoying it while my good luck lasts. Because what else went right just a few hours ago? A phone call happened. I start my training at Tim Hortons tomorrow morning, wish me luck!



You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one

The shoe of the day is the red patent "Lace Me in Tight, Please" pump with boot collar by Jan Jansen in 2010. (Similar to this one but without a bow and it's a different texture.)
Today was so unproductive. Aka, perfect. I'm going to miss the lack of anything to do when school starts in a few weeks. Less than a month of summer left... Scary thoughts.
There are new bracelets at BCBGeneration that are meant to make you express yourself with saying anything. Tell it without speaking.
"Update your status without going online."  Sounds intriguing, right? At only $18 each!

DREAMER would be my choice. I'm going shopping tomorrow. Just saying.  Click away to get one for yourself!

By the way, I've been neglecting to keep you updated on Bloggers Wardrobe. This hasn't happened yet, but eventually photos of the competitors will be posted to a Facebook group. The ten winners are the bloggers who get the most people to tag themselves in their photo. I'll let you know when it's time!



A product of boredom

Clearly, this blog just got totally revamped. That's what happens when I accidentally forget to click "Save" and my old theme gets thrown away. But, no worries! I like it better now.




Yes, I'm a bookworm

The shoe of the day is the silk pump with metallic embroidery and rhinestones by Delman between 1960 and 1963.
Here is a little preview of my crowded bookcase. I basically own enough books to open a library. So I'm thinking that whenever I have my own house, most of the walls will be covered in bookshelves galore, Beauty and the Beast-style. You are looking at five new additions, four of which arrived via Amazon today. I began reading Last Night At Chateau Marmont, but after that I don't know where to start.

Suggestions? Have you read any of these?





Today's shoe is the leopard-print wedge sandal with jagged collar and cut-outs by Giuseppe Zanotti Design in 2009.
I had a pretty uneventful day, but I'm not complaining. There was a nice celebratory dinner at my grandparents' house because today is their 47th wedding anniversary! It all sounds unreal to me, staying married all that time. But it's incredible.

I'm not completely up to par about the tragedies going on in England since Saturday, but I saw an apocalyptic-looking photo of a bus and a building set on fire. My thoughts are with the innocent victims of the unwanted riots.




MFDF closing night

The shoe of the weekend  is the sandal with wooden beads and stacked ball heel by Andrea Pfister in 1994.
I went to the closing night of the Montreal Fashion & Design Festival yesterday, and I learned that if you are only 5'1", you will not see anything if you aren't in the front row. 
But how does my little self make her way to the front when she is stuck behind a six-foot-tall photographer and a family of toddlers? (Who weren't even enjoying the show?!)
1. Push and shove. Take advantage of your tiny frame. (If you aren't tiny-framed, take advantage of that, too.)
Limité finale
2. Listen to what others are saying. An easy way to plan your slow-but-sure path to the front is to eavesdrop what the impatient mothers declare. "Okay sweetie, after this one we'll leave." Take their place.
Look from the GUESS & GUESS by Marciano show
3. Most importantly, when you have your well-deserved spot with a perfect view, don't move. Cling to the flimsy railing or a really tall, broad-shouldered person will move you out of their way.
Finding a spot right next to the end of the runway, where the models pause and pose for pictures, was a miracle.
Crazy wedges worn during the lingerie show
My cousin and I stayed for six shows - which started every half hour - Lady Dutch, Limité, Le Chateau, GUESS & GUESS by Marciano, the F/W 11-12 Color Me Softly collection and the Oh La La! closing lingerie show.

Despite the crowd, the intense heat and the burning in my feet and legs after standing for hours, my evening was quite enjoyable. All the pictures I took are posted at the XOXO, Nina Facebook page
This includes the cheesy smirks of the conceited but superbly gorgeous oiled-up male models in nothing but flamboyant shoes, socks and underwear. And really, all the crowd was able to do was stare in awe. Even the flies stopped moving.



Little baubles

Yesterday's shoe is the colour-block suede Spring-O-Lator mule by Beth Levine in 1956. The shoe of the day is the modernist suede heel with a plastic modified wedge by John Fluevog in 2003.
Among the little pretty things I gifted to myself in Disney, I bought this ring at Hollywood Studios for $12 US. I love it! I had to travel to another country to find a ring that actually fits me. (Let's skip the part where I tell you it only came in one size - there's an elastic in there somewhere.) What do you think?

Tomorrow night I'm going to MFDF, can't wait!



Bloggers Wardrobe

Top + shorts: Winners Shoes: H&M
Nails: BCBG  "Sapphire" (hands)
Sally Hansen "Racey Rouge" (toes)

Yesterday, when I said I needed your attention, I got it. Thank you so much.

I need it again!

Bloggers Wardrobe is heaven for fashion bloggers. Have you heard of it already? Truly a fantastic opportunity.

I believe that I should earn myself a part in this community because I am very dedicated to this blog. I care about the content and the style. If ever I decide to help out a brand (like my last post), I work hard to make sure everything goes well, and that it pays off.

It's not as easy as it sounds, though. 
Space is limited.
This is where my wonderful readers come in. CLICK on the link above to help a fellow blogger out. You know I would do it for you.

Because after all, brands need bloggers and bloggers need brands.



Villainous Vintage

Seeing that I write a blog, which is on the internet, I kind of want others to see it. I NEED YOUR ATTENTION, PEOPLE. 
I made a discovery. What is it, you might ask? If the title of this post failed to give anything away, I'm talking about Villainous Vintage. It's a clothing line by Serina Adele and it's fairly new and Montreal-based. Click. Click some more.
There are tons more photos on the VV blog, linked above. I know you'll looooooove it. Go see it and just be amazed.
Today's shoe is the gold kidskin spike with tiny multicolored rhinestones by Delman between 1960 and 1963.



Lauren + FASHION + Vogue

The shoe of the day is the moccasin with moose-hair embroidery by the Wendat Tribe, from North America between 1820 and 1840.
On the flight back home, I assumed I'd be reading most of the time so I bought a copy of Vogue's August issue (featuring SJP) and a novel called Last Night At Chateau Marmont by Lauren Weisberger at the airport. I didn't start reading this yet because I've been so tied up with Vogue. Believe it or not, I never read an issue before. Now I understand what all the fuss is about. Also, my dad splurged and bought me 4 books on Amazon that are yet to arrive. Reading is the only thing that doesn't make me too lazy to function by September. I don't count it as boring if it isn't science-, history- or math-related.


P.S. Lily Allen is on this year's FASHION September cover. If you aren't one for reading, maybe you can pass the time on Voguepedia


Dare to wear neon

Today's shoe is the "Ali" strappy red calf sandal with back zip by Jerome C. Rousseau in 2010.
I love August for tons of reasons; though mainly because of the guaranteed thunderstorms, MFDF and a series of birthdays, all one after the other. (Including mine- 3 weeks from today!)



None of the photos are mine unless they are taken by me and if not, there is always credit given to whoever the photo belongs to.