Calm before the storm

Yesterday's shoe was the perforated suede "Jedd" with straps and studs by Jimmy Choo in 2009.
The shoe of the day is the mod "Infeltation" felt boot with peek-a-boo cut-outs by Karin Janssen in 2005.

Well, there goes summer. Tomorrow is registration. Thursday is class. One more year in that terrible uniform.

I really want to post about the gorgeous jewel-tone dresses at BCBG. That's going to happen soon! Meanwhile, I plan on spending my last night of abusing the internet connection on Tumblr, listening to Adele, Bon Iver and Gregory and the Hawk. Oh, and don't forget mentally preparing myself to enter that godforsaken building which I won't be able help missing in 10 months.



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