Come on skinny love, what happened here?

The shoe of the day (which also happens to be my mom's 44th birthday!) is the very comfortable-looking traditional mok-hwa boot worn by grooms on their wedding day in Korea, dating back to circa 1950-1959.

After re-reading yesterday's post and going over your (much appreciated) comments, I just feel asking myself this: why am I such a weird person? The size 00 thing was uncalled for; there was a little bit of a rant going on there.

I'm not really in a blogging mood today, because there is something stuck in my mind. It's odd to talk about these things, but that's the point of writing, after all. Here we go.

Being someone who naturally has a fast metabolism and small frame, I am very often stereotyped as the anorexic one. I'm frowned upon as the girl who never eats. When did enjoying a meal become something I had to advertise?

Society eventually transformed and began to gravitate towards the idea of skinny. Small. Extra small. Extra extra small. Size zero. Double zero. You can never be thin enough. Eat less. Exersice more. Show more skin. Show off your bones. Be slender. Have long legs and show them off in stilettos. Just hurry up and get skinny already, so others will think you're beautiful.

There is a fine line between losing weight because you want to at your own pace, and developing a disease. Anorexia is not the same as being healthily slim. 

But I'm not attacking anyone at all. I know what it's like. The voices in your head, yelling, "Don't eat that, you'll be bloated. If you do, burn off twice the amount of calories later."  

Who needs breakfast? Who needs lunch? Skip it. Faint. In a twisted, psychotic way, think it was actually worth it. 

Someone like me, so fragile and impressionable, is the most prone to these things. Not all us teenage girls can be smart enough to understand the danger behind denying yourself the basic fuel to live. 

That's why I can't stand it when I hear stuff like, "just eat it, you have nothing to worry about." Body image is an extremely touchy subject, something that applies to most girls. It's literally all you hear in hallways at school. "I'm such a fat cow."  Because they don't look identical to Kate Moss.

I never feel like talking about this. Yet I know it's in the back of everyone's mind. You know you'll feel better if you choose to eat celery and go jogging than have chips with a movie. It's just the way it is. Don't criticize what you don't understand.




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