Villainous Vintage

Seeing that I write a blog, which is on the internet, I kind of want others to see it. I NEED YOUR ATTENTION, PEOPLE. 
I made a discovery. What is it, you might ask? If the title of this post failed to give anything away, I'm talking about Villainous Vintage. It's a clothing line by Serina Adele and it's fairly new and Montreal-based. Click. Click some more.
There are tons more photos on the VV blog, linked above. I know you'll looooooove it. Go see it and just be amazed.
Today's shoe is the gold kidskin spike with tiny multicolored rhinestones by Delman between 1960 and 1963.



None of the photos are mine unless they are taken by me and if not, there is always credit given to whoever the photo belongs to.