Crunchy leaves

Today's shoe is the leather dance shoe with gold-embossed floral motif by Bally in 1925.

Good thing about shopping on a Tuesday night: you don't have to worry about your size being sold out.

H&M, $60.
I want it to get colder so I have an excuse to wear my new coat, skinny jeans, and knee-high studded boots.






H M racer back top
£9.99 - hm.com

Blue pants
$43 - romwe.com

Christian Louboutin floral heels
$1,276 - bluefly.com

80s fashion
$900 - aloharag.com

Arielle De Pinto chain jewelry
$755 - net-a-porter.com

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2012

I haven't abandoned you yet! The reason I've been away from the internet this long is because of school, work, and making an effort to finish reading Vogue. I feel as if there's so much I'm not writing about, so many things I said I would post that I haven't. We'll start with fashion week. Milan, to be exact.



The 63rd Emmys

Paula Abdul
I've been extremely busy with school lately and the stress is turning me into an anxious disaster, so that's why posting is becoming rare.
The photos from last night's red carpet were taken from here, here and here. Enjoy!


Kaley Cuoco
Jane Lynch
Cat Deeley
Lea Michele
Sofia Vergara
Kelly Osbourne 
Julie Bowen



Clearly, I've been busy reading.



Fashion's Night Out, Rookie, Destination Kors

I'm so busy, I have no time for anything! School takes up so much time, and it's only September. I already had to miss school because of my fragile tummy.

Tuesday's shoe was the textile peep-toe mule with felt poppy appliqué by Andrea Pfister in 1988. Wednesday's was the "Andromeda" silk satin peep-toe ankle boot with gold leather trim by Jerome C. Rousseau in 2010. Thursday's was the velvet platform pump with geometric, sculptural heel by Marc Jacobs in 2007. Today's shoe is the "Wicky" peep-toe slingback in candy-coloured reptile by Stuart Weitzman in 2009.

I'm sure all you avid blog readers have heard of Tavi by now. She recently launched a new website called Rookie (pertaining to teenage girls) and it seems very interesting. I want to read it all!
Are there any other Michael Kors junkies out there? (I can't be the only one...) Be prepared to waste all your free time on Destination Kors. I think the name says enough, right?

Everyone knows September is the month of new beginnings when it comes to fashion. Last night was Fashion's Night Out in New York City. We have MBFW and MFW and so much more (I'm a little late with the dates.) Anyway, back to FNO. I feel superior when I use abbreviations. Even if everyone knows what they mean.

Anna Dello Russo and Karolina Kurkova
Nicola Formichetti 
This looks like so much fun, I can't explain it. Wouldn't it be so wonderful to attend?! I have to end up here one day. Have you ever been?
The next few posts will involve some Jimmy Choo newness and Zalando. If you tend to fall in love with shoes, you can't miss any of this.



Voting time!

Is everyone enjoying the last official day of summer?  (I don't really want to stop wearing white though...)

Today's shoe is the plongé napa leather "Rosebud" stiletto with yellow snakeskin trim by Sophie Gittins in 2010.
Part of the SS10 collection.
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MK flats + Bloggers' Wardrobe

Since this is the last year before college, my nine teachers are having fun with the whole "good marks" speech. Each one is more pressuring than the last. I have no time for the computer.

Thursday's shoe was the traditionally fully beaded suede moccasin of the Upper Kutenai tribe by Rose Michel between 1979 and 1985. Friday's was the delicate kid "Festivity" sandal with chain t-strap and jewel detail by Stuart Weitzman in 2009. This weekend's shoe is the embroidered sandal worn by brides in the Peshawar district from Pakistan in 1987.

If I began telling you about what my classes are like, I would be typing forever. You'll find out eventually!

These are my new MICHAEL Michael Kors flats for school. I got them at Rubino on sale for only $100!

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Tell Me About Yourself Award

Thank you so much to Marcela from Fashionadictas for this lovely award!
The rules:
1. Thank in a post with bloglinks.
2. Write down 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 10 further blogs.
4. Inform them about it.

1. Purple is my favorite color.
2. Fashion is one of the only things that matter in my life.
3. I need music to stay sane. Anything but country.
4. I think pizza can always brighten your mood.
5. I will watch anything with James Franco in it.
6. I love reading; it helps me escape to another world when I'm stressed.
7. I spend too much time staring at the computer screen.

I'm passing on this award to:



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