taking my grad pictures tomorrow

1. straighten hair.
2. get rid of blackheads.
3. pluck eyebrows.
4. sleep enough to avoid more bags under my eyes.
5. get make up done at Dior tomorrow morning. (and spend my money on whatever the make up artist uses, wanting to be able to re-create the same mask.)
6. straighten hair again.
7. pray it doesn’t rain.
8. wish i didn’t live in a world where all of this means i might have a chance at being called pretty.



sugary sweet

Omg it's already November. How was your Halloween? At the moment I'm absolutely filled to the brim with Hershey's.
Source: Fashion Gone Rogue. Click on photo for details.
The first term ended yesterday, so now I have to wait in suspense for my marks. That's also why I have time to write this; there are no new assignments yet. I'm going to some kind of career fair tomorrow, so the less time spent in class, the better.
In Italian we're watching this movie called La Vita รจ Bella. (Life is Beautiful.) It's honestly the saddest movie ever, and watching it makes me so depressed!

I wrote an article for the school's newspaper (forgot to mention that - I write the fashion column, obviously) about H&M and Versace's collaboration, which I had kind of forgotten about until now. So much for trying to save money! But besides, I'm way overdue to treat myself to something pretty. Even if the clothes don't come to Canada (sad/angry face), I haven't gone shopping in a while.
Hopefully I can post again soon! ♥



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