runway magazine

You know how every once in a while something new in the fashion world pops up, unexpected but not unwanted?
Take Runway Magazine, for example.
Not only does the magazine feature tons of celebrity interviews, but features new and up-and-coming designers, which is interesting after always reading about the same people. There's a cute little boutique on the site and even a TV channel. The magazine itself is available for viewing online. (Summer 2011.) I know you might think it's the same as any other fashion publication, but I think it's rather different. You have to flip through the issue to see what I mean. It's just different, but in a very positive way. I think more magazines should be like this one. (You will too, especially of you love photography.) If you have compliments about the magazine, you owe them to James Buccelli, the Editor in Chief, and 
Eleonora Genieve de Gray, their Art Director.
Why am I writing this so suddenly? Well. FashionsBlogs.com asked me to. Yay ☺. Please let me know what you think of everything!



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