face it by cloth in a box

I can't begin to explain how much I detest washing makeup off my face. It's the worst part of my day and it's almost not even worth it sometimes. While I get ready every morning, all I can think about is how much I'm going to dread washing it off later. I hate scrubbing and scrubbing with the same old rough washcloth every night. It hurts and obviously does more bad than good. I'm sure everyone agrees with me, am I right?
Well, all those wasted efforts can finally come to an end!

Designed in Montreal, Face It is a makeup-removal cloth made specifically for the face and neck by Cloth in a Box.
The incessant task of washing your face properly should not have to be something we don't want to do. It's something meant to help our skin and pores. Here's what I mean:
Face It is heart-shaped, not a boring square. It's easier to clean your whole face.

It also has pockets for your hands, so holding it is simple and practical.
This fabulous piece of material is what renders washing your face a task to look forward to. I've tried it several times so far and it really does work! Made with microfibers and soft edges, this cloth isn't abrasive to skin and feels wonderful.
Since this is currently a patent product, buying it online is the only option. For more information, visit their About Us page. Also, I encourage reading/watching the testimonials should you have any doubts. To order your Face It, click here.




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