flowery red purse

One of my younger cousins graduated from elementary school today. Being the nice person that I am and not having exams to study for, I went to watch him get the diploma. Here's what I wore:

Sandals: H&M
Jeans: I'm actually not sure - gift

Tank top: Garage
Vest: Forever 21
Bag: Gift from a relative, from Italy (LEATHER!)

Isn't it so pretty? I can't stop looking at it. I needed a purse like this, good thing I didn't buy it!


far & wide

For most, Canada does not come to mind when thinking of travel destinations. I mean really, who says, "Let's take a trip to Canada!"? Canada has tons of travel experiences; we just don't necessarily know about them. The solution?

Frommer's Far & Wide: A Weekly Guide to Canada's Best Travel Experiences

Written by nine authors (including Patricia Gajo, who I would like to thank for sending me a copy), this guide provides all the information you need and more about events and activities Canada has to offer.
Everything is conveniently split up into weeks. For example, want to make plans for the first week of July? Turn to page 158.

The obvious purpose of this book is to provide travel experiences, however it is also deeply educational. I live in Canada and I was not aware of the majority of them. Reading it without the immediate intention of actually making plans is very interesting.
This isn't just any travel guide; it's organized and anyone can learn a thing or three while still on the first page. I strongly recommend picking up a copy.



i'm back

Hello, internet. 
I'm officially done high school! Yesterday was my last exam. Countdown to prom: 8 days. It's crazy how fast time has been passing! I start college in exactly two months.
I just realized I missed the second anniversary of this blog. It was on May 30. 

Secondary five was so many things: wonderful, stressful, lovely, insane. I could seriously write a book about it. Speaking of writing, it's what I haven't been doing much of this past year. (I didn't know it was possible to have so many tests and projects simultaneously.) So to celebrate my first real day of summer, I'm writing to you.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know I haven't abandoned a sinking ship. I have some shtuff planned for the summer (outfit posts, anyone?) and I intend to sit at my laptop in sweet, sweet AC for as long as possible before school starts.



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